Are creditors allowed to harass people who owe money?

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When you owe creditors money you expect that they will contact you in order to collect the debt. Written notices and phone calls are reasonable expectations.

But at some point, regular attempts at collection cross the line into harassment. The law defines that line and creditors are not allowed to cross it.

Creditor harassment in Texas

Creditors may attempt to collect a debt by calling an individual repeatedly, sending letters, or visiting the individual’s home or place of work.

In Texas, creditors are not allowed to contact any individual more than once a week. They are not allowed to threaten or use violence in any way, and if you notify creditors that they cannot contact you at your place of work that is off-limits as well.

Harassment is illegal

Creditor harassment is also prohibited federally by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law protects individuals from unfair and intimidating collection practices. Some restricted behavior includes:

  • Calling repeatedly or outside of usual hours
  • Threatening legal action
  • Discussing your debt with family, friends or your employer
  • Sending letters designed to intimidate or scare you

Dealing with harassment

If a creditor is harassing you, or violating any of these rules you, may be able to press charges against them, both criminally and civilly. The criminal court can order the creditor to stop harassing you, and they may face fines and other penalties. You may also have a civil case where the court can compensate you with damages.

No matter how much debt you have, creditors cannot harass you per both Texas and federal law. If you are suffering harassment you may be able to take legal action to stop it.